A stylish go-anywhere, type of hair.


ALM HAIR is exactly the hair you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.


ALM Hair is committed to provide the highest quality in Virgin hair. Through thorough research and strand testing ALM delivers customers hair that is not only beautiful but also easy to manage and long lasting as well. ALM offers various textures and lengths to cater to each customer’s individual preferences. ALM maintains the standard of high quality hair at an affordable price!

“Please bring on the deals so that I can buy some more! I’m rocking my brazilian wavy hair purchased in April & it still looks good” (comment made in September)
— @WonderTrotterJo [via IG]
Almost 2 months and hardly any shedding and its [the hair] has been dyed and everything! LOVE IT!!
— @AnjelHollywood [via IG]
Let me look on your site & compare the 2. by the way, You have very great customer service”
— Customer via IG [picture posted]
Shoutout to @Alm_Hair. I’ve had this hair for about 4 months and it’s still flawless”
— Customer via twitter [pictures posted on IG]

There are ALM hair bundles for everyone.